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Some stuck up Asian loser who plays malestory and thinks he's the legit.

IGN: Ryality

- He trolls on basimarket like a smartass.
- Acts like he made the game
- Ugly ass nx.
- Thinks he has friends in game but really everyone feels sorry for the fucker.
- Lower than a hoodrat (how is that possible?)

Back in the day this kid would hack horntail and etc. Now this kid pretends nothing happen. Apparently, he got all his nx from mtsing and merchant.

Everyone knows thats bullshit. Mtsing =/ hacking
Ryality - Guys look i got my 9star+ enhanced katara

Supremesin2- no way? really? how brother?

Ryality- obviously i enhanced hacked it!

Supremesin2- sssshh dont say that! your gonna get caught!

Ryality- dont worry! im going to troll basilmarket and the people will think im legit.

Wackest- real talk You like being a troll? Man your lower than a hoodrat...
by baby1231 February 22, 2011
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A distorted perception of ones reality.

Getting whatever you want from your parents by scaming them.

A form of selfishness.
Damn, that kid lives in his own Ryality.
by Jmars January 19, 2007
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