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Ruxton is where preppy rich people live. The families are super rich and live in old big houses. All the kids play sports like lax or tennis. They all go to the rich person club in the area called L’Hirondelle Club of Ruxton. Everyone drives nice cars and has a dog. They all love to party and stay out late. They girls that live there are SUPER HOT. Most go to privet schools. Movies have been filmed there. When you walk up a street like Carrolton ave or Maywood ave you say god dam rich people and see kids laxing or running around to others homes and texting.
Rich, Hot, Lax, Party, Preppy, Ruxton
by loverlaxboy April 27, 2012
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To cover oneself or any others nearby to oneself in a dubious fluid all over their front.

ie - to pull a "Ruxton"
1. I pulled an absolute Ruxton with that yoghurt

2. Dude, last night I pulled an Ruxton all over your mum!

3. I spent the night with this hooker and pulled a chuffing Ruxton all over her face!
by Kapant September 15, 2007
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