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Rutherford Birchard Hayes-- the epitome of a Presidential cheater. The year was 1867, the former Confederacy was in shambles and occupied by the military, and Reconstruction was a nightmare. Seeing three different policies ranging from lenience toward to the south to radical Republican control, rebuilding the nation was almost an impossible task. Hayes, a native Ohioan and Civil War veteran, saw this turmoil as a way to achieve his political goals. The 1876 election that pitted him against Samuel Tilden of New York ended in his election, known as one of the "corrupt bargain" elections. Basically, Hayes cheated.

Rutherford B. Hayes- n.- A cheater/briber

Rutherford B. Hayes- v. - To cheat, especially in a 19th century election. Past tense- Hayesed
Alice: Can you believe that Jonathan won the class election? Nobody likes him because he smells like Axe and tuna fish.

Katie: Girl, you know he totally Rutherford B. Hayes-ed the whole class. He promised that he'd make it school policy that girls can wear mini skirts.
by Ida Wells January 31, 2011
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A deceased man who pesonifies all that is evil in the world
Guy#1Oh no I just got pregnant. This is all Satan's fault.
Guy#2 No, no , don't blame Satan. Blame RUTHERFORD B HAYES!
by Bates^10 April 29, 2006
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