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To Rutbomb, the act of Rutbombing.

To enter an internet forums and create a persona based on completely unbelievable lies, often surrounding ones sexual prowess and wealth.

A shameful attempt at gaining attention be it positive or negative
"Did Mark tell you about that chick he pulled last night, said she was stunning!?"

"I wouldnt believe him to be honest, i reckon he's Rutbombing "
by GFBear April 21, 2009
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A Rutbomb is a peculiar genus of internet troll which tends to inhabit venues such as soccer forums and youtube.

The Rutbomb differs from the common forum troll, insofar that the rutbomb is not, ostensibly, a malevolent character. Instead, the Rutbomb gets its rocks off by making outlandish claims - these can refer to the Rutbomb's manly prowess, or conversely, be attempts to garner sympathy by pretending to be stricken with serious health problems.

Forum members who are accustomed to the Rutbomb's behaviour will be immediately skeptical of its claims and often issue stern but effective rebuttals. Being exposed as a fraud does not perturb the Rutbomb, since its gratification is achieved via receiving attention, regardless of whether this is positive or negative.

When challenged with the truth, the Rutbomb will often become indignant, complaining of persecution and vendettas.
"Oh ya, I was *so drunk* and banged my head on Monday and nearly died of an aneurysm. I've been in hospital all week, even underwent emergency brain surgery - but I'm fine now"

"O Rly? Then why were you seen online playing MW2 during that time? Crawl back under the stone from whence you came, you lying little Rutbomb"

"Gah! You guys all have it in for me! I wish I was dead!"

by Bear Naked December 07, 2009
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