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A combination of tripping on robitussin and smoking weed.
Kenneth: What do you wanna do?
Joe: I dunno...get fucked up?
Kenneth: Yea? Wanna rusty robot?
Joe: Shiet~
by Picklebellypooh March 17, 2010
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A game where you walk as far as you can letting out a little bit of a fart with each stride. The winner is the one who goes the farthest distance when the 'controlled' farting stops.
I just won the rusty robot competition at work. I got down the stairs and half way to the kitchen.
by Ashleybond30 June 02, 2017
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for a male to have sexual intercourse with a physical handicapped woman in her wheel chair.
"damn jim and tom pulled a rusty robot with that cripple bitch just to get in the front of the line "
by Pimp Don Juans December 17, 2007
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