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A rusty chain is a sexual group activity that can consist of three or more people (male or female) standing in a circle . It involves a person placing their index finger into the rectum of the person to the right of them, and then simiutaneously removing each finger, and proceeding to have that person smell the finger.
-Andrew convinced the female exchange students to particiapate in a rusty chain with him at the party last weekend.

-A group of free spirited individuals are on a camping trip when Robert suggests that having a rusty chain would be a great end to the trip

by Assault Rifle April 13, 2009
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Baby, can you please clean the sheets? You left your rusty chain on the bed!
by Prince merkin November 12, 2018
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(Noun) One of the most anticipated MC's based in Chicago, with phenomenal lyrical skills with a husky voice that is far different from the average so called rapper. Also know as Rusty and Mr. Chains he is a member of Family Jewels accompanied by Matlock. Rusty's DΓ©but solo Album β€œBattle Scars to prove it” On Gravel Records is a necessary album to add to any CD collection in which can be appreciated and takes you back the essentials to real underground hip-hop. This Rapper does more than just record an album; Rusty actually does shows that are some of the best in the Chicago. This is a name in surely many will start to hear more often.
1.) Yo, you pick up that new Rusty Chains album, cause that shit is hot!

2.) You going to the next show that Rusty Chains is going to be performing at?

3.) You got a cold, Damn you sound like Rusty Chains
by Dirty Laundry May 22, 2004
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A rude and unliked person, also known as an asswhole, dick , prick, or jizz face.
I thought you where a greasy wire, but your nothing but a rusty chain.
by burnside February 12, 2005
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The situation that arises when a person uses anal beads without taking the proper sanitary precautions.
"How'd it go with Merissa last night?"
"Okay, but she didn't clean her butt out, so when we used the beads we ended up with a rusty chain."
by SlowMan92 January 14, 2012
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