A dirty, male penis. The male with a Rusty Shank has sex with multiple partners, generally over the course of a day, and stabs that knob in any hole he can penetrate. The hallmark of the Rusty Shank is neglecting to wash the genitals in between sexual encounters.
After banging his secretary at the office, Roger left and picked up a prostitute for a quick $10 anal. He then went home to his wife and fed her a Rusty Shank while watching Netflix.
by Eaton Holgoode October 16, 2015
A weapon - Knife/ shank that a roadman uses in the streets of England (Mostly London) to stab/ scare off other roadmen or gangs.
I got the drop on them youts fam.
Safe G let me grab my Rusty Shank
by Wagwannnnn August 8, 2018