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Much like the dirty sanchez but a reversal. While giving head the woman sticks her finger in her bloody vagina and then smears it on the guys upper lip.
The were such a cute couple with their matching sanchezes... her with the dirty sanchez, him with the rusty sanchez.
by JSAD July 10, 2008
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To anal rape a female so that your penis aquires fecal matter on it, which you will then wipe on a rusty spoon, in which you will use to feed ketchup to the woman.
"Oh harry! That rusty sanchez was delicious!"
by rustysanchez95 April 19, 2009
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Verb. The act of Intercourse in which the male penetrates the ass with two fingers and then reaches forward and hooks one in the female's mouth, and one across the base of the nostrils. Mix of the Rusty Fishhook and the Dirty Sanchez, for those who collect sex moves like shotglasses.
Dude I couldn't decide so I used the Rusty Sanchez instead.
by Bruce the Masseuse June 02, 2017
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