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The act of eating out a nasty girl's asshole while simultaneously digging through her vast expanse of pubis trying to find her pleasure pearl. Very similar to the rusty trumpet only the giver of the anal pleasures needs two hands to manipulate the forest resembling the playing of a clarinet.
Emily's pubes were so dense that while I was licking her balloon knot I couldn't find her clit. Therefore it appeared that I was playing a rusty clarinet.
by Jack Meoff IV December 16, 2006
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The act of simultaneously receiving scrotal fellatio with a hand job off to the side.

If the art is performed flawlessly by the female counterpart, it should simulate that of her playing a clarinete with your manhood.
I once tea bagged a crack ho against the head board in a motel 8. She jerked me off to the side while she choked on my bag and completed the rusty clarinet.
by McGuirk August 29, 2006
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