A game that is played by many Japanese high schoolers. A group of teens, with an equal number of boys and girls, gather at a private place. The boys and girls all pair up and have unprotected sex. After all the boys ejaculate, the couples switch partners. This continues until every boy has had sex with every girl (and visa versa). Now because the girls are at different stages in their cycles, some will not get pregnant (they escaped the bullet as in Russian roulette) and some will get pregnant (they got the bullet as in Russian roulette). But unlike the real Russian roulette, for the girls who got the bullet in this game there is a way out. Because, prior to playing, each player is required to put 5000 yen into a pool called "ejaculation insurance". The collected money is then used to pay for the abortions of any pregnancies that result.
Do the Japanese teens who play Russian sex roulette all get tested to make sure they don't have AIDs, or could that be another aspect of the game?
by chocolate box October 14, 2006
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Like Russian Roulette, but instead of a gun with 1 bullet, you have several potential sexual partners, at least one of whom can give you an STD. Choose wisely.
"That party last night was just one big game of Russian Sex Roulette
by Pquartz February 8, 2018
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First, you buy a pack of 6 condoms and poke a hole in one. Throw them into a bag, mix it up, and pick one out randomly right before you stick it in. The bullet is the one that has the hole in it.
Oh crap, me and my girlfriend did Russian Roulette Sex last night. Afterwards, I checked and I got the one with the hole.
by crazyideas69 August 22, 2013
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