A Russian Hat refers to the act of taking a dump in the hood of someone's hoodie and pulling it up over their head.
"Hey Billy, I just gave Matt a Russian Hat"
by dodgypigeon March 13, 2021
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A ridiculously hairy vagina.
Next thing I new I was balls deep in a "Russian Hat."
by Triple Double Dipper September 12, 2008
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when the temperature is less than 15 degrees Fahrenheit, and without wearing wearing a Russian winter hat you would freeze your ass off.

Brendan: Yo, Henry you going out for lunch?
Henry: Fuck No, this is some beastly Russian Hat Weather.
by henraldo4prez December 15, 2008
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The use of one's cotton candy wrapped in a similar fashion to that of a hat around the head of a penis. Once put into place, this hat is sucked off until every last sugar droplet has been consumed.
Dude, she topped off our night with the Russian Top Hat!
by Dicks In July 29, 2010
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