(noun) 1. A drummer that can't keep a steady beat. This term is common amongst musicians as is the joke,

Q: What do you call a guy that hangs out with musicians?

A: A Drummer.
The drummer in that cover band was a Russian Dragon. Sometimes he was Rushin' and sometimes he was Draggin'!!!
by refuse stone October 11, 2009
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During a BJ, when the person getting sucked off starts to ejaculate, they slap the back of the blower's head to cause semen to come out of their nose.
wow, I gave her a white russian dragon, she literally spurted everywhere!
by blackwolfhell February 22, 2012
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Like angry dragon tears but the man deficates into the females mouth and plugs her nose so shit come out her eyes.
That bitch needed to be taught a lesson so I gave her Russian Dragon Tears like she deserved!
by Mr. Lacroix December 2, 2006
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The Russian sex dragon is when you poop in someone's mouth, stitch their mouth closed, then tickle their butt cheeks until the poop comes out their nose
Person 1: Hey how's your day?
Person 2: Great, I just gave my son a Russian sex dragon!
Person 1: Poggers!
by fartbagmcdonalds March 3, 2021
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when one takes their partner and cums and shits in they're mouth then hits the back of they're head till the partner spits out the mixture.
dude fucking read the definition you asshole. in the russian white dragon hole bitch
by skyline jerking fresh kids December 21, 2009
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