Short shorts made of a plasticy material worn by women for both athletic purposes and comfort. They are very comfortable to wear and also do a good job at flaunting not only the booty, but the legs and thighs as well.
Did you see that girl running by? She was totally sexy!

Was she wearing yoga pants?

No she was wearing running shorts!
by nilethe146 May 1, 2015
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adj: a phrase used to describe somone who is flamboyantly homosexual.
"Jeff began his life as a drag queen under the name 'Anastasia'"
"That guy is SO running shorts"
"That guy totally wears running shorts"
by SeveredHeadGirl December 9, 2005
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(n) Wardrobe staple for any college girls closet. Most commonly worn with over sized sweatshirts.
I'm so upset all my Nike running shorts are dirty! Now what will I where to class??
by weskenn October 31, 2011
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