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The game that filipino likes so much than the original pubg some players has so many money to buy pubg but uses it to buy skins in ROS.

25% players of ROS is cheaters
25% players of ROS is toxic kids
25% players of ROS is dumb
25% players of ROS says that PUBG copied ROS
To sum it up 100% players of ROS sucks.
Kids: Playerunknown'sbattlegrounds copied Rules of Survival
Normal Peoples: Rules of Survival copied Playerunknown'sbattlegrounds
by Toxapex June 04, 2018
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Rules of Survival or ROS
ROS relates to fortnite except it is on your mobile devices
ROS is a mobile app that involves killing other people in order to get a high ranking
by dkensid dvsk March 11, 2018
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A game that copied Fortnite and the only good thing about this game is the loading screen.
Wanna play Rules of Survival at lunch? Nah faggot, that game sucks.
by SoreLoser_Faggot May 05, 2018
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