Flat, open, fields with no scenery typically located between towns in the Midwest.
The Midwest is in dire need of a server upgrade. Such long loading screens for so little content.

Much like the Massive Effect elevators, the farm land in the Midwest serves as a loading screen between content where you can still interact with the game.
by ApatheticAlex September 29, 2014
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The art of creating various noises and bass with your throat in order to entertain yourself while waiting for your system to boot or an application to load - not suprising, then, that it is common to create loading screen techno in public places such as school and work where hard drives are outrageously slow.

Can also be used to keep oneself awake during long sessions of gaming.
Greg: argh, why haven't they upgraded from windows 95 yet, this server is SO slow man!
Tim: i know dude *unch-unch-unch-unch...*
Greg: *werr-werr-werr-werr...*
*everyone in the room makes loading screen techno for next two minutes*
by KandyFlossKid February 05, 2011
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