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The unwritten rule of tabletop Role Playing Games:
The Game/Dungeon Master has the right to veto anything any player says, he has the right to change any rule or make up his own, he need not explain why he choses to do these things. If players complain the GM may choose any of the following to do to the player; slap, call a dumbass, restrict snackage privileges and/or threaten injury to ingame character(be it through loss of xp, health, items or gold)

Player: Can I make my own species for my familiar
DM: Hells no! I'm gonna have to Rule 0 that one
Player: Bitch
DM: I swear I will cut you off of the mountain dew boy
Player: I'm sorry master.
by Cecil Helden November 28, 2007
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"He's probably bowl searching."
by A bowl searcher June 06, 2011
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a.k.a. "The GM is always right."

The unwritten rule in tabletop role-playing games (such as Dungeons & Dragons) which grants the game master the right to suspend or override the published game rules whenever s/he deems necessary.

Similar to a house rule; however, rule zero may be invoked unilaterally, at any time and does not have to be agreed upon in advance by the players.

When abused, can lead to an inconsistent, confusing, or frustrating experience for the players.
Bob: I climb up the wall and into the wizard's castle, bypassing the defenses. I rolled a 20, so I succeed.
GM: The wall is magically warded against climbing. You fail.
Bob: But a 20 is an automatic success!
GM: Rule 0. You fail.
by bigwhitespats November 02, 2009
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This is an unspoken rule in Table top RPGs. It is that the Game Master, or whoever is running the campaign, can simply say no to anything the other players suggest without explanation.
Player: I want to make a half dragon werewolf wielding two greatswords.

GM: I'm invoking Rule 0. No.
by korik1 November 01, 2007
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You cannot make up a Negative rule to counteract the meaning of it's absolute value.
Jimbob: I made a rule -1 so now I can talk about fight club.

Bobjoe: Rule -0.
by Tzaro January 08, 2010
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Don’t Fuck With Cats- Originated in a NetFlix documentary (Don’t F*** with Cats), it is described as an β€œunwritten rule” / Precautionary Warning to people who post in online media not to create content that demonstrates the abuse, neglect, or cruelty towards cats / kittens (and extending to pretty much all little furry creatures).

It basically implies that there are hordes of people who love / support animals, and these people will go to great lengths to identify & retaliate against the abuser for their cruel actions, up to and including using illicit means to identify the abuser, and in turn, assaulting or even killing the assaulter and their friends/ family.
Although anything goes on the internet, that dumb fuck didn’t follow Rule 0 when he posted himself killing a cat on YouTube. Animal activists tracked his IP, burned down his mothers house and then went to his work and beat his fucking ass to unconsciousness!
by Urbn.pllbx December 18, 2019
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The unwritten rule of tabletop Role Playing Games (but can be applied elsewhere). It says:

"Don't be a dick."

It essentially means players should treat each friendly and with respect.

If someone intentionally does something inappropriate, or acts maliciously towards another player or players, he's breaking Rule 0.

Particular behavior breaking the rule may differ according to a game you are playing. For example, some RPGs are designed as competitive games, while others are cooperative. Behaviour common in the first type could be sometimes considered bad (breaking the Rule 0) in the latter.
In most games, killing another player's character without proper reason* qualifies as breaking Rule 0.

* other than "I wanted your loot / I wanted to earn XP by killing you / I did it for the lulz" etc...
by skewCZ March 31, 2011
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