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Rugpeople are a subspecies of the basic human, ranging in skin color from white to black and all colors in between. They typically feed on marijuana and fast food when on the move, but while settled, their favorable delicacies are natural and organic foods.

A Rugperson wears typical human clothing about the waist on occasion, but when in a comfortable environment, they default to a hippie jacket with stupid patches and pins on them representing an opinion most likely in favor of gays/lesbians and global warming.

The trigger sign of a rugperson however, is their donning of a BLANKET/RUG as a dress. It is not mistakable. These fools will clearly be wearing a rug or blanket and look foolish in public settings. You will probably worry for you life, however do not fret. Their escape methods are primarily digging holes in the ground with spoons they acquire at fast foods joints, where they smuggle the condiments and utensils out for later miscellaneous usage.

They will also hate on basic american qualities, such as pancakes for breakfast.

At all costs, avoid personal contact with these hooligans. They may attempt to charm you with their post-high ranting, so beware of their pickpocket attempts.
The rugpeople began to dig a hole in the McDonald's bathroom to escape with napkins. They will use these napkins as blankets because they are inconveniently already wearing their blanket for clothing.
by alexanderrr206 June 01, 2011
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