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Music label formed by DMX.
Ryders consists of Jadakiss, Jin, DMX, Drag-On, Styles, The Lox, Sheek, LT, Fiend, Aja, Infa Red & Cross.

Joaquin, Darrin, & Chivon Dean, established Ruff Ryders Records in 1988. These three siblings decided to launch their own record label after managing several artist careers for a numbers of years. The success of their business is created around the family environment they provide for their stable of artist. Ruff Ryders commitment to its family value has created a new breed of Hip Hop artist who work, corporately to promote their music. This posture has made them an innovators in the growing trend of family based businesses in the music industry. Their philosophy of business is centered on cross marketing their artist with their brand in order to allow all components of their business to be successful.
Ruff Ryders Tracks Consist of:

DMX - Where the Hood at
Drag-on - Trouble
Jadakiss - Kiss of Death
Jin - Learn Chinese
by Cosnett September 29, 2005
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A world wide Lifestyle of several different groups
originally started as a rap label in 1988.
Including the fallowing atrists for example: DMX, EVE,Jadakiss and more.
The entire Lifestyle includes the fallowing for example:
Record Label
Jet ski's
and more.
Ruff Ryder members proudly "rep the R" wherever they go.
When in large numbers, a Single RR will yell out
"Ruff Ryders!!!" and all members will shout out
"YOU KNOW!!!" Ruff Ryders is a family oriented
organization with club brothers and sisters of all different
nationalities. Reguardless of chapter roots, the RR looks
out for eachother like a family. The RR Motorcycle Lifestyle
for example has many many chapters stretching out all
around the world. They also have famous stunters as club
members and go by the motto "Stuntin Is a Habit".
1 - Hey Naughty Nate, I didn't know you rode your
motorcycle with the Ruff Ryders!?
2 - Ya dude, I am the Road Captain for the Oakland

1 - Oh, hey guys check it out, it's the Ruff Ryders!

hey, hey, Ruff Ryders, hey, do you know DMX?

2 - Hell ya I know DMX, I was at X's house last weekend.


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a very inexpensive, easily accessible brand of condom mainly sold in the hood or ghetto. Usually sold in packs of 3 for $2.00 or 1 for .75. Usually purchasing one is not a good idea due to the fact they are so cheaply made they usually break the moment you get into your stroke, so unless actually WANT the AIDS or a little crumbsnatcher... buy a 3pack
Mr Cheeks: " I threw on me a ruff ryder... before i slid inside her.

Drag-On: matter fact where the ass at cuz i got the ruff ryders & i aint talkin bout my niggaz

Nigga @ the Chicken Shack: "yo arab lemme get a chicken sanwich wit extra ketchup, a pepsi, $2.00 worth of looseys, A Vanilla dutch & a pack of ruff ryders."
Arab: "seben sebenty pibe"
by gmagic17 January 25, 2008
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one of the better rap groups....seeing as there arent to many.

consists of DMX, jadakiss, drag-on, juvenile, yung wun, eve, the lox, styles,...maybe a few im missing. have a few albums, such as ryde or die vol. 1 and vol.2
ruff ryders will fuck g unit UP
by T-O-M-M-Y January 13, 2007
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An Armed AFJROTC Drill Team in the state of Maryland.Known as The Ruff Ryders they spin a 10.5 pound demilitarized m1 garand Rifle.They perform in many events such as armed regulation,inspection,exhibition,and color guard.
The Ruff Ryders are known to get 1st place where ever they go no matter the competition.
by Anabella May 12, 2008
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Queer gang in the northeast, 1 man gang, in order to be a ruff ryder you must have a fasination for donkey porn and horse far the weakest gang in north america
look at those Ruff Ryders run from those 3rd grade girls..Dahm thEy r pussy
by O.G MAck Daddy May 27, 2006
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