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The hardcore devotees of the Rucka Rucka Ali

As a fanpage that when neccisary, goes into battle against jb and his army of trolls.
The Ruckas Nucka Army is the home of the nucka civilisation.
The biggest most badass army of fans in current history.
Nucka Quotes: "never underestimate the power of stupid people in large crowds"
a group that owns all sorts of people such as: Rucka haters, trolls, racists, people who are trying to annoy people on purpose ect.
the Ruckas Nucka Army are a group of warriors that takes no bullshit from anyone

Runned by one of the biggest nuckas that rucka could hope for, who previous faked rucka but now a very hard core fan who has also been mentioned MANY times on "Ruckas Late Night Power Hour", Ruckas Late Night Power Hour is the podcast of "Rucka Rucka Ali" a famous, funny, slightly racist man who makes very funny parodies.

Not a great deal is know about Rucka Rucka Ali but his charismatic persona united his people (the Nuckas) his goal to make awesome funny parodies ( and money) in order to bring absolute tranquility and understanding among all the Races. People say he is racist all the time but that does not mean he hasn't got a heart as he has proved time and time again through out his videos such as: "Down" "iWhack" and "I Love Minorities"
Welcome To The Ruckas Nucka Army
by Mr AR July 27, 2011
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