Rubber pants are baggy, balloon styled panties that are pulled on over top of a baby's diapers, usually cloth diapers, to help prevent leaking, and to prevent the soiling and wetting of outer clothing worn by the baby, and to keep surrounding furnishings dry and clean.

Rubber pants are manufactured out of 100% vinyl/plastic, have gathered elasticized waistband and leg hole openings, and pull-on like panties. Rubber pants are most commonly used in households with babies wearing cloth diapers.

Rubber pants are also used for the purpose of toilet training a baby from the stage of diapers, to the stage of underpants.
"Gerber" and "Babykins" are two specific names that manufacture rubber pants for babies today.
by Lorraine Jorgenson July 14, 2006
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Used to show degrees. Giant radioactive rubber pants is pretty high up there.
But, Invader's blood marches through my veins! Like Giant Radioactive Rubber Pants! The pants command me. Do not ignor my veins!!
by I am ZIM! August 8, 2004
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Comes originally from a necular radiation suit test gone wrong resulting in giant radioactive rubber pants.It now means that you are obease and are so out of style that you practically are radioactive
"fuck you go put on your gian radioactive rubber pants"
by luke April 15, 2004
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