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Rozalyn is one of the most perfect people you could ever meet. If you have a friend named Rozalyn, you know she is hilarious and always energetic. She brings light to everyone's life's and lights up a room when she walks in. She is the perfect girlfriend and even more perfect wife. Not to mention how gorgeous she is, but she doesn't know it.
Man, I wish that Rozalyn was mine.

wow look at Rozalyn.

can Rozalyn be my best friend?
by fejdkfbe12 July 12, 2014
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Rozalyns are mostly old black people, but in some cases they are short fat canibals, who have gorgeously stunning eyeballs, with short eyelashes. Rozalyns are usually a bit bitchy with side of ketchup, and buck teeth. They are usually really quiet, but a hell of a good mofo. Thet are often found in a corner crouched down with there finger in a jar or peanut butter.
Im a Rozalyn... ewwww
by Whhaddahell October 04, 2008
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