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A small town completely isolated from civilization at the northern half of North Carolina. It's actually so small it's been considered a village before by tourists (however, tourists are a rare occurence in this town and are in fact frowned upon by the 'villagers') The people there are, however, very strange ranging from 60% goth, emo, 30% prep/josk, 10% other.

The town is so depressing that 80% of americans have never heard of it and most likely never will. The fucking town isnt even on the map! The one time we actually ever get spotlighted is on the news and thats when some douche from durham comes up trying to cause trouble and they can get away with murder because the cops here are about as smart as a wet carrot. The schools here have some of the dumbest students in the history of the united states. Some students were giving a test to compete against a shovel, and scored 20 points less than said shovel.

Nonetheless, for some reason this 'village' is growing. People from the city are actually moving down here which is strange because with it not being on the map it makes it impossible to locate.

Fuck Roxboro
Man 1: where are you from?
Man 2: Roxboro
Man 1: where?
Man 2: that place above durham
Man 1: Oh... I think ive heard of it before
Man 2: No you havent... Nobody has.
by josh123464343 February 20, 2011
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A shitty place called a city. Full of dirty wanna be rednecks, sluts, assholes, and douschbags. Worst city ever. Oh, and word gets around faster than one of them bitches STD's. Turn the fuck around now!
Bob= Hey I wanna move to Roxboro

Jim= Are you fucking crazy?!?!?! You'll get shit on a 100 times
by Tehduck February 20, 2011
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A school wif some hot guys, some hot girls, 'n' everything else an average middle school has. Extra sluts, though.
Damn, those kids at Roxboro are spoiled! (As said by a kid from Whiley, a school that gets out at 3:35 instead of 2:35 cause they are too stupid)
by FiFI February 24, 2005
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