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A phrase created by writer Douglas Murray on Metropolitan Police’s former assistant commissioner Mark Rowley, indicating a false equivalency that serves a dishonest political purpose. To quote Mr Murray:

"Mark Rowley embedded the idea that the UK faces an equally balanced challenge: Islamist extremism on the one side, far-right extremism on the other. In order to sustain this equation it appears that for the time-being one must draw a moral equivalence between Muslims who blow things up and non-Muslims who do not, but have mean views. And an equivalence between Muslims who call for murder and non-Muslims who do not. "

Rowleyism is giving equal or similar weight to both or using one to decontextualise the other
To say that you are more concerned about right-wing nuts than Islamists is a dangerous example of Rowleyism.
by Rowleyism May 21, 2018
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