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Rovie is a cute little girl that has an awesome personality. She lights up a room with her smile, she has many friends and is popular. She has a perfect life. She can be really touching and make your day. All the boys think she's perfect. If you don't have a rovie go get one.

"Rovie is an excellent friend"
by Mark_kiee October 09, 2013
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Rovie is a cute girl with an adorable attitude. She's very intelligent and determined. She's very attractive and everybody likes her. She is known as the pretty perfect popular girl. She will never back down. She has the charisma that everyone loves.

I love rovie to death,she's amazing.
rovie ro vie tags
by Lanaray October 09, 2013
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Two disgusting people that are very desperate with a very odd love, ship name (Novie and Ryan)
Rovie was a term to decribe HOE'S
by Bitchhhhhhyyyy November 06, 2018
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Handsome yet charming and faithful man. Natural born artist. Can give awsome tats! Great family man!
Who loves you baby?
I do.. I do!

Rovie is an awesome lover!
by Lynnie Minnie February 14, 2010
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ROVIE: It refers to a girl/woman who is somewhat attractive, educated but lacking common sense and social skills. Can be loving at times but has a changable personality that emphasizes narcissism, hubris and paranoia in person relationships. Many girls with this name NEVER make mistakes and are prone to being alibi and drama queens to excuse any perceived peccadillos. They are dominant and territorial to the point of being detail compulsive. Any man considering a relationship with one should be forwarned she wants to be the man and will not tolerate a guy who dares to say a word she doesn't approve of or ask a question. Or may think his is bigger then hers. Aside from the foregoing she can be sweet and caring to the untrained eye.
I learned the real meaning of the word "ROVIE" (given name) as applied to a Filipina through 20 years of visiting the philippines. Specifically the last 4 years futhered my education about females having this name.
by Rex 84 January 15, 2015
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