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Rotkies is a deadly ficticious disease first discovered by doctors C. Kinnear and M. DiPaola.

Rotkies is a blood disease, thats after approximatly one week after contracting the disease you startly molting. The molting period starts off almost like a bad bout of dry skin, except the skin keeps peeling until only the very most sensitive and delicate layers of skin are left.

While the molting proccess is in action all hair, from head to toe, is lost and toenails and fingernails start becoming a soft, spongey yellow, until they too fall off.

Rotkies IS fatal, and to die becuase of this disease is said to be the most painful death one could ever endure.

Fear not though, becuase Rotkies IS preventable. Rotkies can only be contracted through the process of draining a Bolivian Howler Monkey of all it's blood, and drinking the blood out of a human skull the has be shruken by a pigmy wicth doctor.
Doctor: "Mr. Smith, I'm afraid I have some bad news..."

Mr. Smith: "What is it? Cancer? AIDS? Syphilis?"

Doctor: "I'm afraid it's worse. It's Rotkies."

Mr. Smith: "OH NO!"
by MikeDi86 January 23, 2006
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