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the place where steven ritchie came and messed up. the place where the loser (steven ritchie) made an annoying place to live. the place where the band sucked because of steven ritchie. the place where steven ritchie got wedgies everyday and no one cared about him because he was a loser and a liar and couldn't understand that he was a man whore. the place where he left and now it's not like that anymore.
Steven Ritchie makes Rotan suck toes.

Steven Ritchie is a liar.

Steven makes Rotan suck.
Let's go give Steven a wedgie.
by Idiom August 03, 2009
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The one who is a asshole, does steriods and has anger problems. Ones who are deemed this are to grow to titanic proportions and be worthless.
A moose, rotan texas, rotan hondorus
by theonewholoves August 30, 2008
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