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Hardened sap from trees which is used on violin bows, Bull Rider and Baseball gloves, bottoms of pointe shoes, etc. Helps retain a good grip on something, makes it not so slippery.
Dancer 1 : "Yesterday I was dancing in pointe class...and I slipped and fell on my was extremely embarrassing."
Dancer 2: "Did you get rosin from the rosin box?"
Dancer 1: "Oops, no."
Dancer 2: "Well that explains it."
by Robot No. 1 November 23, 2006
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Stems from an anonumous post-secret "You're cozy, Rosin", created for Canadian rock band Hedley's epic guitarist Dave Rosin. Rosin is famous for being exceptionally friendly and remembering fans' names and details about how he met them.
by nineshades November 27, 2009
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To rudely enter a conversation without prior context and change the subject to one's own subject matter. Rendering the previous topic null and void and frustrating the involved participants in said conversation.
A: So did you hear about that massive avalanche in Turkey?

B: yeah dude, shit tha....

Rósíner: Oh wow there's a sci-fi convention on in my lame town tonight, so many creeps around lololol.

A: .....

B: .....

A: what?
by kmjb April 05, 2019
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Rosin us used to address a black person as sweet or cute. Most commonly used by older men. Persons named Samuel and Jonathan are usually the people who are called this
Elderly man: Oh come here my little Rosin
Kid named Samuel or Jonathan: Go away you old creep
by Kjetil Storkuk January 08, 2020
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