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The most beautiful person you will ever meet. Rosha is a persian name for girls meaning light or brightness. Rosha's will brighten your day and make you extremely happy. She may be shy at first, but then she turns out to be the craziest person ever. She is also extremely powerful and a very good leader, she is very smart and has lots of potential.She is also known for being very nerdy. Rosha's are very romantic and will do anything for the one they love. They will be very dangerous if heartbroken. Rosha's also love cuddles.
My best friend is Rosha!
Rosha is gorgeous!
by Eren Jager May 06, 2017
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A pink and purple obsessed baby eating monster, but one of those cute monsters from Sesame street...but much much cooler than say, Elmo.
by Shrinny January 06, 2004
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A gorgeous creature that’s very creative. Rosha’s tend to love very deeply and passionately. If you meet a Rosha don’t let her go because you’ll never find someone like her again
I wish I could just meet a Rosha
by Rosha May 28, 2018
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