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A boy who has known to have a lego-shaped head. he had a mole. he is extremely good at math, and the sciences. BUt has an extremely hot body, and face (even though it is shaped like a lego man's head.) Extremely generic voice (which is hard to listen in on conversations...because you don't know who is talking) and generic hair cut (harder to stalk in large crowds.) He plays hockey, and golfs with barbie. He has a very big buldge, and nice ass!! ;)
" that a Roose"
"I can't tell...he's in a large crowd"
"Ya, that's definately him, he is definately hot!"
by Ben Ying June 06, 2008
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a hottie with a body that men like to stare at and know that they cant have but everyone wants. she is so pleasing to the eye and eyecatcher. and all the guys want to flaunt their money at her b/c she is a money guzzeler. golddigger but men dont mind because she is so gorgous to be with they will spend every penny to have her on their arm. girls are jelous and men love her.
Did you see Roose today she is looking mighty fine but i am to broke for her.
by Shawna April 29, 2004
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