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Roofin is a process, an action, a philosophy, and a way of life. It consists of finding a roof with a great view, a great breeze, and a clear sky. You set up lawn chairs, and just chill with family, or close friends. You talk about life, the world, and observe the universe at the same time while staring at space. A nice, cool breeze is usually also a part of roofin. It usually includes philosophy, sociopolitical issues, world issues, life in general, etc. Roofin is an art and if done properly is one of the high points of the human experience. You are united with your fellow humans, nature, the universe, etc. Roofin is also a form of chillin since it is relaxing while it consists of serious conversation. Roofin can also consist of relaxed conversation. Roofin provides a great view of whatever area, region, or city that you are in since you are so high up and can see the surrounding area. Roofin is the best.
Guy 1: Yo were Roofin!
Guy 2: *deep conversation*
Guy 1: *deep conversation*

Girl 1: Yo were Roofin!

Girl 2: *deep conversation*
Girl 1: *deep conversation*

Yo when are we roofin!

Today we Roof!!

Guy 1: *deep conversation*
Guy 2: *deep conversation
Girl 1: *deep conversation
Girl 2: *deep conversation*
by Roofinisreal December 15, 2013
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