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(noun fem.)

1. an inventive contraction of the semi-sardonic phrase “Ronilo & Josephine’s Pride & Joy”.

2. the epitome of the phrase ‘small but terrible’; also used to denote a fervent advocate of the aphorism, “A short girl’s got to make an impression otherwise the only thing people are going to remember about you is that you’re short.”

3. the reluctant protagonist of a contemporary ugly duckling sob story.

4. one who expects gifts & amusing birthday cards each twenty-eighth day of July.

5. an incorrigible raconteur often mistaken for a sage by hoodwinked comrades.

6. one who is plagued by a pesky accent that is neither British nor American but a disturbing hodgepodge of both owing to her culturally diverse upbringing.

7. a temperamental intellectual corrupted with an affinity towards daydreaming & susceptibility to distraction.

8. a virago with marked impetuosity, giving rein to an insuppressibly stubborn streak and a rebellious demeanor particularly whenever suffocated with restrictions and "dictatorshit".

9. one who is paralyzed with chronic brain ataxia whenever faced with numerical data.

10. one who does not have to be anorexic to resemble any paragon of beauty.

11. a tech-savvy individual who is notorious for her penchant for typing in all-caps.

12. a lady with a maddening predisposition to bottle up feelings of enmity against familiars & minions, eventually triggering a brutally vindictive rampage upon hitting boiling point.

13. a mouse that roars.

14. one who is easily repulsed by cheap paperback novels, tenacious stalkers or suitors, money-grubbers & ugly people who think they’re otherwise.

15. an incurably histrionic tear-factory with symptoms of a lamentable lack of self-control, and boisterousness in hyper-mode, ultimately deducing a diagnosis of drama-queen syndrome.

16. denotes the omnipresence of narcisstic tendencies that brands one as an unforgivingly hopeless camera-whore.

17. one who is beleaguered by pushy fantasies of making something out of her life before an asteroid hits & blows the planet into bits.

18. one whose greatest fear is an existence brimming with wasted chances.

19. a renowned pseudo-sadist who often mistakes her fiancé for her favorite Happy Meal & jumps on a greedy biting spree.

20. a besotted fanatic of xklusiive love with just one name on her lips -- Francho.

21. a self-confessed bookworm deprived of her greatest leisures by a sedentary job stationed in front of a 15-inch monitor.

{syn} Rhenji; Joza; Ronii; Bujoi; BoOj; RJ; Joie; Ron; Nyka; Reigne; Gelic; Ronj; Nyqui; Mrs. Macapia.
A rather short but strikingly pretty young woman walks across the campus grounds, oblivious to the stares elicited by her mere presence.

"That girl is really something, huh? Defies any stereotype you can think of," an admirer comments.

A voice chimes into the conversation -- "What do you expect? She's Ronjoy."
by phanthaziie July 20, 2009
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