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(n) Specific mythical character. On April 23,1989, the world changed forever as the experience that can only be known as Ronfucius was born. Weighing slightly over 1.5 tons at birth, Ron quickly began working out to shed off the extra pounds. By age twelve, he had become a 14th degree black belt in several illegal martial arts and joined the Mexican Wrestling Federation under the stage name "EL Ronfuso". Within six months, he became world champion and was banned from the sport for being, "too good," He has not been seen since.
Synonyms include El Ronfuso
You think that was bad?!? You should have seen the fight between him and El Ronfuso (Ronfucius); you ever wonder why they call him Kimbo Slice? It was because after the fight, they could only find a small portion of the guy scattered throughout the audience. It's officially clocked as the quickest fight in MMA history (the ref got to "Ready....Figh") The whole thing was filmed by multiple camera angles, but Ronfuso's punch was so intense that it threw off electronic recorders in the building for months after. Apparently Kimbo said something about El Ronfuso simply being a legend and nobody could actually turn somebody's haircut into a beard through a punch. He was drastically mistaken......
by Ronfucius March 29, 2009
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