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A person with a circumference, or someone with the same consistancy as Ron Jeremy. many forms of the word Ronballs may be used in many different circumstances for instance, in an easier way of stating certain places, things, events or names, variations of ronballs may be used, such as "DunKREN DoHENS" or "seven-elevHEN". so "DA for why tins no more are there store in." the name derives from a mythological creature deriving in the North New Jersey area, it was said that on a certain date of 4/19 Pops Raped Ron, so from there on out it has been known customary in the area for his name to be remembered by posting a simple "Pops Raped Ron 4/19" in any area that may be seen by others and cherished among all Homosapiens.
Pops Raped Ron
"Mommy why can't ronballs take a shower?"
"Because honey, Pops will rape him"
"hey man, why did the radio turn up"
"I guess the ghost that raped ron got to it"
by OL-10 December 20, 2009
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