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Someone who follows Ron Paul and libertarian beliefs.
Those people protesting the Federal Reserve by burning dollars were probably Ron Paulites.
by JD Fernan August 16, 2009
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People who add "RON PAUL 2012!" on each comment they write defending Ron Paul. These people will call non-Ron Paul supporters thing like, "Stupid" "F*ggot" "Jew lover" "Communist" "Anti Freedom" "Libtard" "Republican" "Dem" "Lamestream Media Follower" and will attack anyone who opposes Ron Paul's ultra conservative ideology. They believe Ron Paul is a "Freedom Fighter" and an anarchist who hates the Federal Goverment, even though he supports Federal laws against abortion and same sex marriage. They refuse to listen to any argument about Ron Paul's past including his racist Newsletter and overwhelming support and work with white supremacists, neo-nazis and the klu klux klan. They usually agree with one or two of his ideas and ignore the ones that they normally would never agree with. Paulites also believe Ron Paul would end all war without any serious thought about his policies, voting record or his involvement with negative situations and people.
Even though I know I'll be attacked by Ron Paulites for saying this, I think can't stand Ron Paul!
by RealityCheckin November 21, 2011
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