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Romias have very curly hair and have big blue eyes and they are of the highest intelligence. Romias like to skips along the corridors of school and they like to smile all day long. Romias do not like to have boyfriends as they think boys are pricks. Romias have many close very attractive male friends and her girl friends are always amazingly beautiful and conduct highly intelligent conversations with each other. Romias only eat egg fried rice and pot noodles and have a weakness for chocolate cake. Romias are simply the best.
oh my god, did you see that beautiful girl with curly hair and big blue eyes skipping along the corridor?

yes, thats a ROMIA
by audreyellenyellow May 09, 2011
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Romias are naturally beautiful and have the best personalitys. Romias are NOT afriad to speak back to people and can be real bitches. They may be bitches at some times but they have a golden heart. Get yourselves a girl like Romia. All the boys are chasing her!
damn did you see romia today?

yeah looking hella sexy like always
by beautifulgirls.123 September 18, 2018
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