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A word that describes someone of questionable morals. In order to fit in this category, said person must adhere to these three of these conditions:
1) Must sleep or otherwise toy with an engaged man.
2) Must lack the sensibility to make her own decisions.
3) Must have enough junk in the trunk to bring all the boys to the yard.
4) Must be a hypochondriac (or something similar).
5) Must have the ability to overanalyze EVERYTHING, even what she ate for breakfast.
6) Must have the ability to get knocked up by a guido mechanic on purpose as to stay together for fear of actually doing something with one's life.
"Why don't you shut the hell up! I'm not sleeping with your sister, I went and bought you flowers just because. God, you are being such a Rollman."

Doctor: "Ma'am this is the third time I've seen you this week. On Monday you didn't have Herpes. On Wednesday you didn't have Leukemia. And today, you aren't dying of sickle celled anemia. I think you have a classic case of Rollman."

"I think that the pair of pink moccasins doesn't really look any different than the magenta moccasins. I don't think your redneck boyfriend will tell the difference either. Technically, neither matches what you're wearing. <pause> No, I don't think you should change them, we don't have another 3 hours to get you ready. You are such a Rollman."
by Kdogizzle July 15, 2006
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