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1) Adjective: Of or pertaining to roidos (persons on steroids) and particularly describing person on steroids who is exhibiting mild to moderate roid rage.

2) Alternate spelling of "rhoidy", meaning experiencing or akin to an outbreak of hemorrhoids.

Definition 1:

"I thought he was tweaking or something, but he wasn't on speed, he was just roidy.

"She had to dump the jock because he was irritable and roidy and his nuts were the size of peas."

"I hate it when you get roidy, you're worse than a woman with PMS."

Definition 2:

"I can't use that cut-rate toilet paper, it makes me all sore and roidy.

"He didn't want to do it doggy-style with that skanky, roidy broad from the club.
by Skazinni September 23, 2012
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