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A person who has been using steroids for a long time and consequently has smaller testes and a short fuse. Generally on some competitive team or another, you see this type slavishly adoring the man with the biggest pecs at the local GNC store or muscle gym. Generally displays clouded thought processes, is quick to anger, and has trouble expressing himself eloquently (all known examples are male). Known to beat family members or significant others. Should be considered armed and dangerous.
"That's not a strategically shaved chimp flinging poo, that's a Roid Monkey....flinging poo."
by T.R.I. February 14, 2006
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A professional wrestler who is known or believed to be jacked up on steroids to an abdormal dregree
Dave: What is a roid monkey

Scott: Batista, Ultimate Warrior, Hulk Hogan, Scott Steiner, and Superstar Billy Graham are all examples of roid monkeys (Graham is a self-admitted one)
by My Name Is Hugh...Mungus May 05, 2010
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A professional sports player using performance-enhancing drugs, typically steroids.
Say hello to the New York RoidMonkeys
by s-bomb March 02, 2004
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