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A fierce brown mofo with no real friends but he gets atroudh town by blowing shitttup
cuz hes brown mofo
he also works at a pizza place cuz his dad keeps asking for his help
this is bullshit yo
ASHLEY: That fucker is so rohat
ROHAT:i know right, rohat me up son
ASHLEY: lets fuck
ROHAT: oh baby say my name
ASHYLEY: rohat rohat aaaah jkfjv <----cum face
by tjufhkgfgjkihygthj November 08, 2010
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He is the bast. You can always trust him. He has brown eye and dark brown hair. He will achieve in life. He is strong. Never underestimate him.
Your so rohat
by Ggdtvfjfe March 24, 2018
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