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Also known as Ham or Hambone, Rohams are most likely from Persia--or someplace thereabouts--and are damn proud of it. They kill Spartans with ease. They enjoy smoking hookah, eating kabob and drinking tea with those delicious sugar cubes in it and are known to wear pants with words written across the rear. Rohams are a courageous bunch with a penchant for vigilantism, and have no fear following ne'er-do-wells on foot pursuits. On the dance floor, you would be hard pressed to find someone breaking it down more belligerently. Cougars find Rohams irresistible. Known to reside in Hamburg, Germany.
"How did those 300 Spartans fare?"

"The Rohams killed them to the last man."

"Who's that hip cat leaving with three cougars?"

"Classic Hambone."
by Jay Bergowitz February 05, 2010
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