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Rogue Leader: Certain kind of pathogenic troll
with unusual characteristics in that he is not “rogue” in nature as he often travels in packs of trolls, and he is far from a leader but rather a follower and often posts after a Nigel Uno troll or Duffy Munn troll have invaded the board.

Scientific name is Rogus Legus. (Pronunciation of Rogus sounds like Bogus, which he is of course).

This troll, like most trolls, is deeply insecure and so he tries to puff up his pride and stature with troll posts by trying to call himself a “leader”. Except he is not accept by the “Leaders and best”, but has instead chosen the path of “cock roaches and pests”. (Both classifications of course coming from the dark side of course).

Like the Nigel Troll and the Duffy Troll, he rarely talks sports but attacks posters to make up for his lack of endowments and also as a weak attempt to bolster his low self-esteem. In other words, he is a pseudo-leader and usually gets owned at the end of the day like similar pathogens Duffy and Nigel.
Example: Self-Evident

Example: “He ain’t a besty, but rather a pesty Rogue Leader”
by Aintitsweet August 28, 2011
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