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Duffy Munn: A certain kind of pathogenic and psychotic troll and stalker. Closest to Nigel Uno in nature. Feels the DuffyMunn status will give him "leader" status. (See Rogue leader)

Has a strange delusion in that that he if he attacks certain posters (usually optiking) that people will laugh with him, however they usually laugh at him. Why? Because he suffers from low self-esteem related to micro penis and Napoleonic complex. This is the guy that busts a gut (of course his gut is big enough to bust) over something he said he thought was funny but then proceeds to knock over a beer or spill ketchup on his shirt. He attempts to play 'king of the hill' but usually fails miserably as he usually gets owned, trips over his shoelaces, and tumbles down the mountain.

Scientific Name: Dufus Munnus. (Yes , we call him Dufus for a giggle).
Example: Self-Evident

Example: β€œThat Duffy Munn Dufus is angry and spillin’ shit on himself again.”
by Aintitsweet August 28, 2011
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