Worst NFL commissioner ever, suspends people without proof.
That guy is so irreverent we should call him Roger Goodell.
by awesome15 May 12, 2015
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The worst Commissioner of the NFL who makes these dumb rules that don't make sense and is taking away the spirit of the NFL.

What is with this guy? is his life is so boring that he want's to make everyone else's(NFL fans) life boring when they watch the fans are watching the game are something.
Roger Goodell makes the most dumbest rules of the NFL. Like when he say's that the rules for tackling were put in place because it's about the "safety of the players" when it's actually about money. When the team loses a valuable player that they had invested lots of money in they don't want to lose that player.
by saint51 April 4, 2011
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A person who lacks intelligence and often suffers from a missing or extra chromosome. Also, does not understand logic and common sense and is hated by most, if not all, people. Don’t be a Roger Goodell.
“Did you hear about the new rule Roger Goodell came up with?”
by TrickyVic April 25, 2020
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Roger Goodell is by far the worst commissioner the NFL has ever seen. Mr.Goodell is the reason the NFL is now called the NoFunLeague (even the NFL Network analyst have recognized)

Roger Goodell is a Patriots fan and suspends player for no reason and when their is reason he will suspend a player that made a big hit for 8 games but if someone killed a man he only has to pay a "large" fine of $12,390.01

Mr.Goodell rules are "for the saftey of players" and now players can only make slow slug like tackles and if a hit is too good or hard the player that made the hit is ejected

Roger Goodell hates the New Orleans Saints. He bans goal post dunking bc it cost $400 a year to repaint the goal post, and goal post dunking was former Saints tight end Jimmy Graham's celebration bc of his basketball background. (This rule was put into place while Jimmy Graham was part of the Saints)He suspends the Saints head coach for a yr ( the biggest suspension ever)and a couple players for 2,4,and 8 weeks for bounty(paying players to hurt opposing teams players)but the Patriots cheat their way into the SUPERBOWL and no worry they only pay a one million dollar fine.

Mr.Goodell is the perfect example of what not to do when you become commissioner
Roger Goodell gets booed onto the stage during the draft because nobody likes him except the Patriots fans in the back
by T_sizzle12 January 20, 2016
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