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Rogem is the definition of lurking, following, creeping, and a serious squirrel combined to one word. a Rogem is a word to call someone if that person follows you or your group everywhere even when you and your group don't want that person around. so you call that person a rogem. also a Rogem can also be a wussy. maybe from sports, games, social conversations, and maybe have a hard time talking to the opposite gender. Rogem is a word that will hurt someone's pride if you call them by that name.
Guy1: "Dude stop following me! quit being such a rogem!"
Guy2: "aww dude.. okay i'm sorry. ill leave you now. you hurt my pride of living"

Guy1: "Go talk to her! don't rogem out now!"
Guy2: "Don't ever call me that! okay! ill talk to her..."
Guy1: "Good job."
by HMHS 12! July 07, 2010
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Any items used to thwart condiments from exiting their packets and/or containers.
"Damn, these rogems are preventing me from ketchupping my delicious bowl of peanut flavored cereal."
by Peter Sampras November 10, 2007
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