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A rodwell is a word from old language meaning child, prepubescent, and try’s to be very thoughtful, the child may never hit puberty because of an terrible disease, summed up as a rodwell
Aweeee bless that young rodwell
by IAmNotARodwell June 17, 2019
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A Rodwell, a creature of myth and legend. It will present with the largest hairiest feet, and a rotten egg type smell. This being due to its lack of personal hygiene and longing for same sex interactions. The Rodwell has a very dangerous defence system allowing it to stab others in the back at the slightest sign of trouble.

The Rodwell to sum up is a large footed small back stabbing hobbit.
Oh my that Rodwell has stabbed me in the back again.
by Todge the Ape. November 06, 2019
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