A place about 60k's away from Perth. To the untrained eye, it's a very nice looking place, clean beaches and an almost touristy feel to it.. Spend a few hours and you get to see the real place. What is considered white trash in other countries passes down to "rocko" a few years later. Tapout shirts, bad tattoos, loose DC sneakers, rats tails and old commodores polute the streets while the females aged 15 are already mothers of multiple kids to said men.

Those from there will use smaller places within the area (namely Safety Bay, Waikiki, Port Kennedy or Baldivis) to hide the fact they live in Rockingham. Though nowdays, admitting you're from Baldivis just means you're a cashed up bogan (mine money) with the latest XR8 in the most "out there" colour available (diorehha green, purple or off-orange).

Famous residents include Sam Worthington whose scenes in Avatar had to be digitally altered to remove the large amount of tribal tattoos from his arms and neck. If you pause it at the right time, you can still see these. Since leaving for Perth, and somehow ending up in Hollywood, he has yet to come back.
Hey man, where are you from?
Oh, um, it's a place called not far from Fremantle..
Dude, are you hiding the fact you're from Kwinana?
You sound like you're proud?
Proud to not be from Kwinana at least, it's all we have going for us.
by sixonesixeight April 23, 2011
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A small city south of Perth in Western Australia Connected to the Dero Town of Kwinana.

Formally a pieceful town now with lower land and housing sales has cause the kwinana community/culture to slowly migrate. With few night club young adults also known as "Bogans, Dero Cunts, K-town Kids, or Yeah Boy's" are forced to street Drink passing out on local ovals and primary schools.
Rockingham: YEAH BOY! lets hit up rocko.

BomB,underage drinking smoking and doing drugs..

Kwini/rocko the place to be, Second best to Bunbry.
by Just_ADd_ GUM May 14, 2007
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Nestled among the Blue Ridge mountains, this Virginia county is overtaken by white trash redneck families, cracked out townies and drunken JMU college students. If you find yourself in a school district where a high school has "drive your tractor to school day"... and people participate in it, you're probably in Rockingham county. The constant smell of chicken farms and cow crap linger in the air and 3 flakes of snow constitute Snow Day. Hunting education is mandatory middle school P.E. education and school absences on big hunting days are excused. Field parties, a must. Local hangouts include Sheetz with seats and McDonalds (tricked out cars only, please.)
Philly visitor "Why are all the guys in your high school wearing army clothes?"
Myself "Oh, hunting gear. Yeah that's a daily fashion here."
by igottheheckoutofthere May 11, 2005
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A road in Rancho Cordova, California where crackheads mingle and you will get attacked randomly. Violent assault is common here and the Mather Field / Rockingham intersection is always flooded with police.
Tay: Aye, you tryna stop by Sonny’s on Rockingham Drive?

Robert: Hell nah, I don’t feel like fighting a druggie right now.
by mr bing bing May 2, 2022
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