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A black person who can not swim, and if placed in a body of water would sink like a rock.
I saw a 6 ft. tall rockfish drown in 4 ft. of water..... seriously.
by Gregr6 November 21, 2006
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Beach patrol code name for black person at a beach who you automatically assume can not swim. Usually travel in large groups which then would be called a school of rock fish. Can be heard from far away due to lack of normal access to beaches and overbearing excitement of the beach. Commonly used when black person is present around any body of water.
John: hey keep an extra eye on those people over there.
Rick: oh you mean the school of rock fish
Dad: how was the beach today?
Me: horrible had to go in after the same rock fish like five times cause he fell off his boogie board
by haterade294 July 22, 2009
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an african american swimming in the water.
African Americans swim like rocks, they cant do it.
Tyrone and his family went to the beach. The life guard said to "watch the rockfish try to swim". As soon as Tyrone jumped in the water, he sank to the bottom.
by DMules January 16, 2008
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