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When a person has very few emotions or vocal inflections and behaves like a robot as if they have had a lobotomy. Also, can use robotimized as in turned into a robot.
I just told Bob his cat died and he just shuffled down the hall with no response at all. I wonder if he's had a robotomy.
by Ladyomygod October 06, 2009
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Robotomy is a short-running 10 episodic TV-PG-V show about 2 robots named Thrasher and Blastus who live in the planet Insanus. They deal with major problems in their planet, including high school. The show was directed by Adult-Swim's Superjail director, Christy Karacas.

The reason it was cancelled is because of the budget of the show and boring/unaccepted ideas. This is one of the most cared shows around CN fans, since Robot-related TV shows where the most targeted influence. The production company of the show, World Leaders did not use their YouTube channel for 2 long years because of the show.
Quotes from Robotomy:

1. Blastus: "Sometimes... I'm never fresh..." *laughs*

2. Thrasher: "I hate 'fight-your-way-to-school day.'"

3. Weenus: "Who will help me pick the ground? Not me! NOT ME."
by GLaDOS996 September 30, 2013
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Surgical operations and other methods used to turn a person into an emotionless and programmable being similar to a robot.
Meanwhile in the year 205X:

"I like Robotomy," said the worker. "Why," asked the co-worker. "Hail the HIVE MIND," screamed the worker as he jumps out of the second story building, gets up, snatches a woman's purse, and attacks anyone as millions of Robotomized people rampages towards the capital.

Robotomy, the miracle solution to the overpopulation and overcrowding in prisons by turning criminals and Coach Potatoes into a Controllable while robotic Work Force, has truly been ravaged by the Hive Mind Ai - used to regulate brain functions of workers via Chip Implants - to start Armageddon against Humanity.

10 years later:

Nothing is left expect Alex Jones for the believing in his crazy conspiracy theories as he shouts, "They're turning the frogs gay!"
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by Utosaver April 19, 2018
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