Transitioned from a non-robotic to a robotic state.
The automotive industry roboticized its production lines, and now builds cars using robots instead of people.
The process to which an organism is completely transmuted into an obediant robot slave. The process was originally designed by Sir Charles Hedgehog as a way to cure to ill and grant longevity. However the Roboticizer was sabatoged by Julian Kintobor, resulting in Sir Charles' expulsion from his field of work. Julian, taking the plans for the device, altered and perversed it into a hideous process that would remove ones will and use the robotic body as a laborer completely obedient to Julian. After he siezed power and renamed himself "Robotnik", he roboticized 85% of the capital city, and threatened to do the same to dissenters. The result of this process came the worst tyrannical regime on the face of Mobius.
"The subject has been roboticized, sir."
by Exor November 3, 2003
A neurological condition that causes a person to behave in a robotic manner.

A person with roboticism will react to situations and give advice in a purely fact based fashion; not taking into account feelings or emotions.

Aside from the fact that it is not a real scientifically backed disorder, roboticism is extremely difficult to diagnose because robotic people normally don't see a reason to act on feelings in the first place.

It is still unclear if robotic people have feeling or if they are completely devoid of human emotions.
My professor has roboticism. He didn't give me an extension on my assignment when my cat passed away because he didn't see why that would stop me from doing my work.
by Rooostu May 24, 2022
noun. A heightened sensation of euphoria and pleasure, experienced most often at the climax of a sexual experience with a robot or robotic-type object/software.
I was with my SmartBar yesterday, and we got it ON. I mean, I know people like those FTP clients, but you have NOT had a roboticsm until you have done it with an RSS feed.
by TejasTheory February 25, 2005