Roberto Nevilis made this world so damn painful for inventing homework that stupid teachers should know that nobody is gonna do that shit! Damn sleeping on rusty spikes seems way less painful!
by Kidswillbekids April 21, 2020
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The Asshole who invented homework if this man hadn’t been ever lived we wouldn’t have the stress kids have today so if your thinking of doing a research project on the invention of homework here is the definition of the intellectual who invented it
Roberto Nevilis is the intellectual who invented homework
by swagy chillswag July 1, 2020
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That one man we all blame for inventing homework but didn't.

First off, how could he invent homework in 1905 when California passed an act in 1901(that was later removed) that banned homework for children under 15. Secondly, it also couldn't have been in 1095 because photography wasn't even invented till 1826. How do you explain that one black-and-white photo everyone keeps using of him?
Random dude: I don't know who Roberto Nevilis is but Google says he invented homework so I hate him.
by Orchadicus November 22, 2021
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That one Italian Hitler-looking fuck who invented the homework in 1095, Venice, and started this entire mess of stress for the low intelligent students and larger pride digging for the smart teacher's pets fucks. Some say he even caused for the anarchy in schools, Because of that teachers also invented penalties for not doing homework such as getting whipped infront of the whole class, thank God the penalties has changed during the years. I'm not going to be surprised if he died as a virgin. I also have a theory that Roberto nevilis is part of the Satanism.
1.You see this guy over here called Roberto nevilis? I blame him for all of my problems.

2. Elsa: y'know, when I'll become a rich genius, I'll build a time machine so then I'll be able to assassinate Roberto nevilis. And your going to help me.

Dylan: You're*
Elsa: y'know what? When I'll build the time machine then I will also make sure to assassinate your parents too, smartass.
by Absolutely unintelligent Henry September 11, 2017
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